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By Critical Solutions International Jan 3, 2018 2:22:00 PM

CSI Speaks @ Eastern European Defense Week

Critical Solutions International was pleased to speak at the 2nd Eastern Europe Defence Week in Warsaw, Poland; sharing unique subject matter expertise on the application of non-standard threats in contemporary hybrid conflict with attendees representing Eastern European governments and defense industry.

Anticipating evolution of unconventional threats in a hybrid conflict


Modern adversaries’ application of asymmetrical tactics

CSI Slides @ Eastern European Defense Week

Anti-Access Area Denial In a Hybrid Conflict:

  • Hybrid conflict constitutes all levers of power available to control both physical and abstract “territories”.
  • Targeted areas of control impact (and are impacted by) combatant and non-combatant entities.
  • Contemporary near-peer powers will use both conventional and nonconventional resources to disrupt and assert control.
  • Near-peer adversaries have witnessed over the past 15 years of conflict how effectively the IED can disrupt coalition operations without risking conventional force projection against advanced western militaries.

CSI Slides @ Eastern European Defense Week

Relevance of Clearance Capability Throughout Progression of Battle

  • Conventional force on force combat evolves from, and devolves into, non-standard disruptive combat.
  • Recent examples of force projection by major powers have been preempted with unconventional disruption (typically by proxy forces).
  • Disruption undermines conventional capabilities through the application of unconventional threats like IEDs.
  • Even in conventional conflict, advanced militaries should anticipate the value of assets like C-IED and route clearance teams.

CSI Slides @ Eastern European Defense Week

Establishing an Adaptive Response to a Dynamic Threat

  • Militaries must anticipate the rapid evolution of non-conventional threats in future conflict.
  • Capability should be built to evolve and anticipate, as opposed to responding only to immediate threats.
  • Building adaptive capability requires a complete understanding of mission context.
  • Forward compatibility allows users to keep up with rapid threat evolution.


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